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Happy Fireworks word bevoordeel deur Amerikaanse groothandelaars in NFA Expo

Tyd: 2019-09-12 Treffers: 86

Neurenberg is die sentrale stad van die Franken-streek in Beiere, Duitsland, bekend as die "speelgoedhoofstad" van die wêreld, 'n belangrike speelgoedhandelsmark. Neurenberg Internasionale Speelgoedbeurs 'Spielwarenmesse' word sedert 1949 gehou en is een van die drie bekendste, invloedrykste en bygewoonste speelgoedskoue in die wêreld. Die Spielwarenmesse (2020) bring ten minste 1 miljoen speelgoedprodukte bymekaar in 12 kategorieë wat oor 18 skousale versprei is.


Nearly 150 fireworks manufacturers and exporters from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and China participated in this exhibition, attracting more than 1500 professional fireworks buyers. As an old friend of the show, Happy Fireworks brought many new products this time, such as Cakes, Fountains, Roman Candles, Artillery Shells, Rockets and many other products that are popular in the American market. These latest products have been well received by many professional buyers and wholesalers. Through industry conferences, business communications, sample shows and so on, Happy Fireworks has demonstrated its good corporate image and enhanced its brand influence in merica.