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China's fireworks market is booming

February 08,2023

During the 2023 Spring Festival, many provinces in China relaxed the control of fireworks and 432 fireworks shows were held across China.

As the Covid pandemic winds down, Chinese people's willingness to buy fireworks has risen sharply since late last year, resulting in hot market sales, leading to the emptying of many fireworks warehouses. Gatlin (magic shots) and novelties, in particular, are seriously out of stock.

Almost all fireworks factories have reopened after the holiday. In some areas, there is even competition for workers between domestic and foreign trade factories, which will affect the supply and price of international fireworks market in the short term. Malaysia announced the lifting of a nearly 30-year ban on setting off fireworks, which means that the market's demand for fireworks will increase significantly.


However, according to the analysis of the fireworks market and China's official attitude, it is predicted that this year's fireworks production capacity and production period will be increased compared with previous years.