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Giant Fireworks Show at opening of the World Cup in Qatar

December 05,2022

On November 20, 2022, the quadrennial World Cup kicked off in Qatar. The wonderful fireworks show pushed the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a climax. It is understood that Qatar invested about $220 billion to host this World Cup, and it is speculated that the grand fireworks show also cost tens of millions of dollars. The effect of the fireworks show of the opening ceremony made the audience enchanted.

As with previous events, the fireworks were sourced from fireworks factories in China's Liuyang City and Jiangxi provinces.

The Qatar fireworks show mainly uses professional fireworks products, including giant Cakes and Display Shells. Technical staff introduced the 8-inch "high-altitude display shell" developed for the event, it can rush up to 350 meters in the air, the diameter of the blooming flowers also reached more than 200 meters. In addition, this product can also show a variety of effects in the air, like hearts, pentagrams, smiley faces and so on. The colorful fireworks effect made the fans extremely shocked, and the beautiful fireworks made the atmosphere of the opening ceremony very enthusiastic.

As we all know, more than 95% of the world's fireworks are produced in China, and "fireworks made in China' has long been synonymous with quality and price. China is also the birthplace of fireworks, as the Chinese invented gunpowder and made fireworks thousands of years ago. It is therefore not surprising that the fireworks for the Qatar World Cup came from China, which, after all, has the most advanced fireworks production technology and experts.