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AD for Happy Fireworks va aparèixer a Times Square, Nova York, EUA

Temps: 2023-10-07 Accessos : 64

Recently, the giant logo of HAPPY FIREWORKS frequently appeared on the oversized AD screen in Times Square in New York, attracting the attention of countless tourists. This is also the first Chinese fireworks brand in Times Square!

Times Square is the most prosperous district in the United States, which is also known as the "crossroads of the world", where high-rise buildings and billboards have become a symbol of New York, and it has become a must-compete place for many international luxury goods and top companies to promote their brands.


The ADs of HAPPY FIREWORKS were advertised on a 30-meter-wide screen at the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, one of the largest in Times Square. In Manhattan, the commercial center of the world, Chinese brands announced to the people of the world that "Happy Moments, Happy Fireworks", and many tourists were impressed by this slogan.


In addition, the Logo of "Honey Boom", the oversea brand of HAPPY FIREWORKS, also landed on this large screen at the same time, which is also the main brand of HAPPY FIREWORKS in the United States, and the eye-catching honey bee logo makes many consumers feel familiar!

HAPPY FIREWORKS was founded in 1986, is a professional enterprise, specializing in fireworks research and development, production, sales and display shows, and has been awarded many honors such as "China fireworks Top 10"," Fireworks Top 100", "Fireworks intangible cultural heritage protection enterprises", "Branding Award", "Pioneer of fireworks standard". As one of the leading enterprises in the fireworks industry, HAPPY FIREWORKS is committed to "establishing the industry benchmark and casting the world brand", and the products are sold well in nearly 30 provinces in China and more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania.