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Increïble! Feliç focs artificials al programa especial de CCTV!

Temps: 2023-05-09 Accessos : 81

This May Day, China CCTV News Channel "County on the Move" program team came to Liuyang, to explore the unique charm of the "fireworks center of the world". As an excellent representative of Liuyang fireworks enterprises, Happy Fireworks is also featured in this special program! This is the second time that Chinese national media focused on Happy Fireworks after reporting by "China Securities Journal"al gener.  

Hu Die, the famous host of CCTV, walked into the production workshop, exhibition hall and show area of Liuyang fireworks enterprises, discussing the sales and production, technical progress and effect analysis of fireworks with the guests.


During the broadcast of the program, the exhibition hall of Happy Fireworks appeared, "Happy moment, Happy Fireworks", the familiar slogan makes viewers feel familiar.

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The latest IP image of Happy Fireworks "Le Xiao Huan" was also featured in the program. In recent years, Happy Fireworks is dedicating to create new vision, new design has been widely recognized by many domestic customers. The cute "Le Xiao Huan" image has also become the object of love and pursuit of many consumers.

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In addition, footage of fireworks at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany also appeared in the program. As one of the outstanding representative enterprises in both domestic and foreign trade, in addition to more than 20 provinces in China, Happy Fireworks’ sales network across more than 30 countries around the world, high quality products are blooming in the night sky around the world.


In recent years, Happy Fireworks also received the attention of China Securities Journal, National Business News, China Business News and other media. "Le Xiao huan" and his colleagues welcome everyone to Liuyang to watch wonderful fireworks, and also welcome everyone to visit Happy Fireworks!

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