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【Vlog Happy Fireworks】El 18è Simposi Internacional sobre Focs Artificials

Temps: 2023-06-12 Accessos : 95

Recently, the 18th International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF), the ‘Olympic’ of fireworks, was held in Malta, Europe. As an excellent representative of the Chinese fireworks factories, Happy Fireworks were invited again to participate in this industry event, to discuss new views, new technology and new trends of fireworks industry with counterparts and experts.

The International Symposium on Fireworks is the most extensive and the highest level of international fireworks technical exchange forum, which is held every 2 years in different countries and has been successfully held 17 times so far. The focus of the ISF is to bring together people from different pyrotechnics backgrounds to exchange experiences and ideas on how to promote the development of the fireworks industry.

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The 18th ISF was held in Malta, the ‘heart of the Mediterranean‘. More than 400 delegates from nearly 20 countries attended, including experts in the fields of fireworks technology, production, operation, transportation, discharge and management, officials from governments, scholars from universities, members of associations and fireworks traders. The delegates carried out international discussions, exchanges, exhibitions and cooperation on the latest technology of fireworks industry, import and export trade, fireworks management and other aspects.

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As one of the 14 representative enterprises from China, Happy Fireworks attaches great importance to the ISF, and the luxury ‘Happy Team’ brought a series of new products and new technologies, showing the strong innovation ability and competitiveness in the field of fireworks. Numerous new effects, new designs won the unanimous praise of the participants, but also attracted many foreign dealers to come to negotiate cooperation.

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During the forum, officials from the Chinese Embassy in Malta, Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China, International Fireworks Standards Committee, Administration for Market Requlation of Hunan Province, Hunan Fireworks Product Safety and Quality Inspection Center, China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association came to the booth of Happy Fireworks. They encourage Happy Fireworks to seize opportunities, adhere to high-quality development, further expand and strengthen, and further promote the reputation of ’Liuyang fireworks’ in the world.

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Apart from presentations, roundtables, and the trade exhibition, the ISF also featured a wealth of entertainment and celebrations, including a spectacular fireworks display. Happy Fireworks and other enterprises also visit the famous fireworks production factories in Malta to exchange production experience and technology. The ISF gathers the background of the people together, providing a good atmosphere for the enterprise, but also inspired Happy Fireworks continue to explore and innovate, on the basis of inheriting traditional culture and to shoulder the mission of prosperous fireworks industry. Happy fireworks will continue to adhere to the internationalization strategy, and strive to tree industry benchmark, create the fireworks industry "world brand".

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